Living a Good Life! :')

Salam sayang! *Hugs*

Agak-agak dah hampir 4 bulan rasanya tak sentuh blog ni. Kasyian kamu bloggie. The reason why i didn't update this blog for months is simply because i'm too busy leading a good life. Alhamdulillah. Kadang-kadang dunia realiti ini terlalu indah untuk dinikmati sehingga terkadang terlupa dunia maya yang saya tinggalkan.

Hidup saya penuh agenda akhir-akhir ini, dan ianya merupakan sesuatu untuk disyukuri. Kalau nak update satu-satu, 5 jilid buku pun belum tentu tamat kan. Haha.

Let's begin with my one and only nephew, Hamzah Akeef who's now nearly 4 months old. He's exceptionally cute and adorable! He can now laugh, lay on his chest, and start to recognize people and places! Makin hari rupa Hamzah makin mirip Dayah (my sis), o-em-ji. You have no idea how serious i am when i'm typing this (see my face? haha). How i wish i could show you Dayah's photo when she was still at the same age as Hamzah now. PELANDUK DUA SERUPA. Bezanya cuma jantina aje okeyh. I know, a bit scary isn't it. Even my uncle asked, "Baby jate ko tino neh?" HAHA.

Introducing Lulu everybody! At this rate, i could only afford to own a Myvi SE 1.5. Haha being down to earth enuff? Mind you, she's very dear to me. Dia lah pengangkutan kota saya hari-hari. Even it's not much, but i earned it with my sweat (gila direct aku translate hahaha).

My career is now on its track! I finally know where i'm heading to! I enjoy working at Worley where i can exercise my engineering knowledge, make new friends with the same wavelength as i am and learn so many new things that i've never thought before. Betul, hidup ialah untuk terus belajar dan ilmu takkan pernah habis sebab Allah ialah pemilik segala ilmu. Tekanan di tempat kerja baru sudah tentu ada, tapi saya bertuah sebab saya ada insan kiri dan kanan saya untuk bagi panduan dan semangat. Terima kasih sahabat sejawatan, principal engineers, mama, abah dan lebih-lebih lagi awak. Bila saya stress saya selalu nangis dalam telefon bila cakap dengan awak. But you said that i'm a strong girl and this is my profession. Allah will not choose me to be a safety and risk engineer if He knows that i'm not capable of being one. :')

And oh, i started wearing shawl actively and regularly few weeks after i joined Worley. How this is an update to you? Of course it is! It's a huge improvement for me and my boring style back then! Haha. I guess by having someone special in your heart can trigger your feminine side? (Duhh. I'm genius, i don't even know i can come out with this theory. Haha.)

Expect my weekends and holidays in 2012 will always be full with wedding and engagement invitations, especially from my besties! Congrats Kudah! You've married to the love of your life! I'm so happy for you, will always pray the best for your life ahead! Spending my holiday and weekend in Terengganu by having ICT (ikan celup tepung) and air nyior was such a bless. Now i'm waiting for the next event, Aimi's wedding end of August in Kuala Terengganu, again! Haha. But let's treat it as a sweet getaway and escape!

Lastly, things are improving very well with me and Mr. Right (Insyaallah will always be). Of course there will always be ups and downs in relationship. But you know that rainbow only comes out after the rain right? So does relationship. It gets better and better after some frictions, as long as you both are trying to fix things up before it's too late. That's what we call learning. And i'm still learning you. Thank you for always being there for me through thick and thin. Thank you for finding me in the midst of my search of true love. 5 months and still counting. I hope that Allah will ease our way and plan to a more blessed relationship - with you as i my leader. :)

That's all folks. Thanks for reading tumpahan hati manusia biasa ini. Cheesy much. Haha.

You take care! :)


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Rara Nasiha said...

hidup penuh warna-warni kan. syukur Alhamdulillah :)

Nakha Rism said...

have a nice day. farah!:)

jom dngar cerita aku plak

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